Five reasons to consider fitting wheelchair lifts

30 December 2019
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How accessible are your premises? If your home or business premises is spread across multiple levels and regularly needs to be accessed by people who rely on wheelchairs for their mobility then installing wheelchair lifts is probably going to be your best option. Here are the top five reasons that people choose to install wheelchair lifts. Increased independence No-one likes to be permanently dependent upon others and installing wheelchair lifts is a great way of helping wheelchair users to maintain their independence. Read More 

Why You Should Go the Hydroponics Way of Growing Plants

23 December 2019
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The world is changing fast, and so is the way that people practice farming. It's hard to believe that you can grow plants without soil these days, but that's just one of the many unimaginable things that modern advances in agriculture have made possible. This soil-less growing of plants is called hydroponic farming or hydroponics, and it is one of the fastest–growing trends in the agricultural sector. Read on below to learn why you should consider going the hydroponics way of growing plants. Read More 

3 Smart Ways You Can Turn Your Passion for Art into Profit as a Student

21 December 2019
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The stereotype of a starving artist has withstood the test of time. However, despite the passion that comes alongside it, it's a lifestyle most art students don't tolerate. No matter how talented you are, you still must pay your bills – notwithstanding your art education tuition fees.  There are various ways you can earn money away from or within campus. However, most enterprising students are creating money-making opportunities through their creativity in art. Read More 

Why Every Used Car Buyer Needs to Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection Done

20 December 2019
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There are several reasons you may want to buy a used car instead of one that's brand-new. Common reasons include but are not limited to not having enough money to purchase a brand new ride and wanting to buy a model that's no longer being manufactured.  If you're in the market for a used car, you need to be extra diligent to ensure you get a good deal. Used car sellers don't always give the same performance guarantees that their counterparts who sell new cars do, so the onus is on you to ensure you are not getting a lemon. Read More 

3 Signs That Your Gutter Pitch is too Flat

19 December 2019
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Your guttering system should direct water down off your roof. As water falls into a gutter, it should start a downward flow that ultimately takes it into your drains. However, this system only works if your gutters have the correct pitch slope. Gutters shouldn't be completely level; they need a slope to encourage water to move. Sometimes, older gutters that have sagged out of place or new ones that don't have the right pitch can't do this. Read More