3 Smart Ways You Can Turn Your Passion for Art into Profit as a Student

21 December 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


The stereotype of a starving artist has withstood the test of time. However, despite the passion that comes alongside it, it's a lifestyle most art students don't tolerate. No matter how talented you are, you still must pay your bills – notwithstanding your art education tuition fees. 

There are various ways you can earn money away from or within campus. However, most enterprising students are creating money-making opportunities through their creativity in art. If you are an art student and still don't know how to make money through your creativity, here are a few ideas:

Participate in School Art Shows

Art students in universities and colleges get great exposure through school art shows and fairs. During these art shows, scores of prominent audiences attend including collectors, gallerists, dealers and curators. This chance is perfect for giving your unique artwork great exposure to leading figures in the art industry. Besides, you can sell your artwork in such commercial art fairs and earn a handsome amount. Your university may pay for booths and take a certain percentage of profits from the sales made. 

Get Commission from Unique Art 

Different art collectors are continually looking for unique pieces of art. Having their favourite artists create such artwork is a more natural way to enrich their collections. Consequently, this allows students to make money by creating exceptional artwork on commission. Contrary to selling already completed artwork, working on commission means you create specific artworks as per the specifications from the client.

Additionally, you can gain opportunities to make money from your art through public commissions. Many public and private organizations assign part of their project budget to fund art. This way, art students get a chance to earn by working on artistic projects such as murals. Find these projects by liaising with local art groups in your region. 

Join Online Art Platforms

Compared to artists in the past, the internet has opened up many opportunities for artists. There are many online platforms where artists can sell their creative pieces. Some artists choose to sell artwork from their blogs, thus keeping all the money made per sale. 

It's thus wise to open a personal blog and utilize it as a medium through which to brand and highlight your portfolio. This way, you will be opening more opportunities to display your work to potential clients. As an art student, you can choose to make prints of your original artwork and sell the canvases. This can help save more time on each piece of artwork you produce. 


These are the three smart ways art students can generate income from their passion for art. Do not let your talent in art lay idle. You can make a living as a student and establish your authority in the industry while still at school.