Pontoon Buying Guide

27 July 2023
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One of your concerns as a Jetski owner would be where to dock your watercraft. It is especially so if your property has a waterfront. Pontoons are an instant solution to this problem. They are flexible, affordable and easy to use. So, what should you consider when purchasing a Jetski pontoon? Below is a piece with some tips. 

Assess Local Regulations

It would be unfortunate if you broke maritime regulations when installing your Jetski pontoon. Therefore, contact your local maritime agency and inquire whether your property qualifies to have a pontoon. Typically, your property frontage must meet the size requirement. How far into the water do you intend to install the pontoon? The general rule is that the pontoon must not exceed the quay line. Otherwise, it could pose a risk to vessels that cruise around the area. If you meet the set requirements, the maritime agency provides you with a permit to install the pontoon. This way, you easily justify the pontoon's safety to future property owners. 

Choose A Suitable Pontoon 

You will find different Jetski pontoons, each with specific applications. The secret is to choose one that suits your needs. For instance, a piled pontoon is supported by piles drilled into the sea bed. These installation suit areas with a soft sea bed. They are your best bet if the locality has rough waters. Cable and strut pontoons float on the water. They are ideal for areas with a rocky sea bed. These pontoons can also be installed on any waterfront regardless of the depth. However, you must ensure the pontoon is rigid enough to withstand rough waters. What features do you need on the pontoon? Size is an essential concern for most buyers. Several factors determine the pontoon size. For instance, how many watercraft do you intend to dock on the pontoon? If you plan to buy a bigger vessel in the future, it makes sense to purchase a large pontoon at once. What features do you need on the pontoon? For instance, you could need a winch, hose reel stand, fish cleaning station, lighting and storage.  

Assess The Quality Of The Pontoon 

What is the quality of your preferred pontoon? Customer reviews can help you assess the product quality offered by various manufacturers. Nevertheless, you should also assess the pontoon's build quality. For instance, is it waterproof? Does it have a rigid frame to safeguard it from the effects of rough water? Most manufacturers will offer a warranty on the pontoon. It gives you a clue of how long the equipment can last without suffering any damage. 

For more information on Jetski pontoons, contact a company near you.