Why You Should Go the Hydroponics Way of Growing Plants

23 December 2019
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The world is changing fast, and so is the way that people practice farming. It's hard to believe that you can grow plants without soil these days, but that's just one of the many unimaginable things that modern advances in agriculture have made possible. This soil-less growing of plants is called hydroponic farming or hydroponics, and it is one of the fastest–growing trends in the agricultural sector.

Read on below to learn why you should consider going the hydroponics way of growing plants.

Not Enough Land? No Problem

Traditional growing of plants requires you to have a large piece of land to receive a bountiful harvest. The bigger your land is, the more produce you stand to reap. Hydroponics helps to overcome the age-old challenge of not producing enough because you have a small farm. 

As this method of growing plants doesn't require soil, it's possible to grow plants upwards. All you have to do is ensure that your hydroponics system is set up in such a way that plants can draw the nutrient-solution upwards.

No Need to Worry About Extreme Weather

Inclement weather conditions, such as hailstorms, high winds and heatwaves, are one of the worst enemies of a crop farmer. If you want to prevent unfavourable weather from ruining your harvest, hydroponics is the way to go. This method of growing plants can be practiced indoors, thus protecting your crops from destructive weather elements. 

Save Water

Water is a vital resource for crop growers. Unfortunately, it's not always abundant in supply in all places. That is why there are a variety of farming methods to fit the water needs of farmers in different areas.

When compared to traditional farming operations, hydroponics requires less water. As there is no soil to absorb the water, less water goes to waste. This is essential for farmers located in drought-stricken or water-scarce areas. 

No Soil Quality Issues

Growing crops on soil requires that you have the soil tested to ensure that it doesn't contain any harmful minerals that could be present in the soil. Since hydroponics eliminates the need to use soil for growing plants, you won't have to worry about soil quality. 

All the nutrients that your crops need to grow will be found in the nutrient solution that their root systems are immersed in.

If you are thinking of venturing into the crop farming business and are considering using the hydroponic farming technique, consult a hydroponics specialist for help.