5 Creative Uses for Rare Earth Magnets Around Your Home

6 October 2020
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Rare Earth magnets or neodymium magnets are much stronger than your typical ferrite magnets, which is used to make things like refrigerator magnets. Because of their great magnetic strength, you can find rare earth magnets in many commercial applications like speakers, signs and even MRIs. But you can use these powerful magnets creatively around your home too.

If you are interested in using rare earth magnets creatively around your home, here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Hang wall art

Neodymium magnets are powerful enough to keep artwork such as paintings and photographs attached to a wall. And, the great thing about using magnets to do this is that you can easily remove and replace artwork whenever you wish. If you have enough magnets on a wall, you can also move your artwork around easily.

To do this, you'll need to screw some countersunk steel discs into your wall to hold the magnets in position.

2. Create moveable sculptures

If you like to make your own sculptures and artwork by hand, you can also use rare earth magnets to create sculptures. And you'll be able to create moveable sculptures too with a little creativity.

3. Secure tools and knives

Neodymium magnets are powerful enough to hold knives and tools to a wall with the use of adhesive magnetic strips. In the kitchen, you can keep your knives in a convenient place on the wall. And, in the garage, you can place your tools on a wall near your workbench.

4. Secure tablecloths on outdoor tables

Do you sometimes have trouble keeping your tablecloths in place while enjoying meals outdoors on windy days? Rare earth magnets are the ideal solution to this problem. A simple way of keeping your tablecloths in place, for instance, is to use neodymium magnets with a metal table. You'll be able to your tablecloths in place with just one small magnet in each corner of the table.

5. Locate wall studs

It can be very difficult to locate wall studs when you wish to put a mirror or picture up on the wall. But this job is made easy with rare earth magnets. Simply move along your walls with a neodymium magnet until the magnet sticks. That's where a nail head is nailed into a wall stud. You can even leave these magnets in place for future reference.

Rare earth magnets are incredibly versatile because of their great magnetic strength. So, if you're feeling creative, put some neodymium magnets to use in the aforementioned ways around your home.