Two Gift Ideas for Business Owners Who Want to Reward Their Best Employees

2 January 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you are particularly pleased with the diligence and skill some of your staff members have displayed recently and you would like to reward them for their efforts, here are two ways you could potentially do this.

Give them the chance to have a rare and indulgent experience

If you would like to reward your employees with a creative gift that will really demonstrate how much you appreciate their contributions to your business operations, then you should consider giving them the opportunity to have a highly indulgent and unusual experience. You could, for example, look for a company that provides balloon trips with breakfast and arrange for your best employees to go on one of these trips. This is the type of thing that conscientious, hard-working people, who often prioritise their job over personal pursuits, would love to do but might not be inclined to book for themselves because it seems too extravagant.

Giving them this trip as a present will allow them to experience the thrill of floating through the air and enable them to revel in the panoramic views of the stunning landscape over which they will gently drift in the hot air balloon. Arranging for them to be treated to a luxurious breakfast at the end of their trip will top off this incredible experience and allow them to delight in and discuss the entrancing details of their ride with their companions over a deliciously indulgent meal.

This is the kind of thing that most people only do once or twice (if that) in their lifetimes and so would be a very special gift that would leave your staff members with a memory that they could relish for the rest of their lives.

Give them a family-friendly gift if they have children

If your top-performing employees all have children and spouses, then you might want to give them a family-friendly gift. The reason for this is that hard-working people, who consistently go the extra mile in their jobs (e.g., working a lot of overtime, offering to help out with extra projects and so on) sometimes find it difficult to get spend enough quality time with their families. As such, if you're going to give your best employees gifts, it's worth being sensitive to the fact that they might appreciate receiving something that they could share with their spouses and children.

In this situation, rather than booking them spots on a wine-tasting course or a cheese-making workshop, you might want to, for example, treat them to tickets to a family-friendly musical and give them a voucher for a meal at a themed restaurant that will provide entertainment as well as delicious food.