Are you in need of a new lawn?

1 January 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog


When you need a new lawn quickly then your best course of action is to visit a lawn farm and purchase the turf you need, yet which lawn farm should you choose? Unless you know exactly what type of lawn you need then it can be a challenge to decide which lawn farm is the best fit for your needs. Here are three things that you should look for in any lawn farm:

The right level of experience

To grow the perfect lawn requires dedication and experience. Look for a lawn farm with a proven track record of creating great lawns for both commercial and residential customers. If you can find a lawn farm that is regularly frequented by landscapers and commercial companies as well as homeowners then you can be confident that they are selling a product you can trust. If you have any concerns then you should ask them how they care for their turf prior to sale. Good quality turf will require watering, nurturing, fertilizing and mowing to make it ready sale, and if you can't see these things going on then ask them how they achieve the best results with their turf.

The right types of lawn

Not all grass is the same. There are many varieties of lawn and you will need to select the most appropriate variety for your climate and the intended use of the lawn. You will also want to bear in mind the ongoing care of the lawn. Picking a cheaper variety of lawn may seem like a good cost-saving measure, but is it really a good investment if you will be spending so much longer mowing the lawn and caring for it?

The most popular lawn in Australia is Sir Walter, which is child- and pet-friendly and easy to maintain, but there are plenty of other options to consider. Before making your decision it would be helpful to talk through your requirements with a lawn-care expert at the lawn farm. They will be able to explain the benefits of the different varieties and help to guide you to the right decision.

The right delivery service

Having the best lawn for your needs is no good if the lawn farm cannot get it to your location. Before committing to purchase your new lawn it is important that you find out whether the lawn farm offers delivery to your site, how much the delivery costs and whether it can be arranged at a time that suits you.