Give Your Employees Water That Keeps Them Healthy and Energetic

12 November 2019
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Water can contain impurities and other contaminants even though it looks clean sometimes. Filtering the water used in your office makes it clean and safe for use. Don't assume that every water source in your office produces drinkable water. So invest in quality water filters, especially if your water tastes funny. Unclean or unfiltered water doesn't only affect the health of your employees, but it also affects their health and hydration patterns. Here are some of the water filters you should install in your office water dispensers, taps, drinking fountains and other water supply units.

Water Ionizers or Alkaline Filters

Alkaline water is more metallic and harder, and it's not good for you. Safe and healthy water should have a neutral pH or chemical balance; it's not safe for consumption if it's more acidic or alkaline. Check the pH level of your office water to ensure it won't compromise the health of your employees, leading to low productivity and illnesses. Go for ion exchange filters or ionisers to improve the water's chemical balance. These filters use electrolysis to make the water safe, pure and chemically balanced. The plates that water passes through are electrically charged, and they split the water into acidic and alkaline water.

Activated Filters Containing Carbon

The water filters you buy and install shouldn't only be carbonated, but also activated. The activated carbon filters are installed in the kitchen and bathrooms, among other places in the office to ensure water is processed in a safe manner. Carbon water filters remove carbon, silt and sediment from the water and absorb other harmful particles in the water flowing through your office taps. Those weird tastes and odd odours in the office water indicate it's time to invest in quality water filters. Besides removing impurities and pollutants in the water, the activated carbon filters also enhance the chemical balance of your office water.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Most offices go for reverse osmosis filters because they are highly effective. If you want to invest in cost-effective water filters, ensure they will also make your water filtration process efficient. The reverse osmosis filters remove the smallest pieces of impurities, contaminants or pollutants in the water, making it cleaner and safer for consumption. These filters contain micro membranes that only allow clean water to pass through and hinder water containing bacteria and other contaminants.

Invest also in infrared or ultraviolet water filters if your office water is smelly and murky. These filters don't use chemicals or heat when treating or filtering water, making them eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Your business is on its way down if you don't care about the safety and health of the water that your employees take. Don't waste more time; go for the top-notch water filters and install them in your office water system.