Line Marking Machine: Three Central Guidelines for Creating the Best Lines

22 April 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you are planning on marking your commercial surfaces, such as car parks, pedestrian lanes and warehousing facilities, it is important to choose the right line marking equipment. In general, the acquisition of a suitable machine will help in the creation of durable lines on your surfaces. Moreover, using a machine will ensure that the line-marking process is efficient in comparison to manual work. However, you should keep in mind that the quality of the lines will depend on your practices when using the equipment. Here are simple guidelines on obtaining the best results using your line marking machine.

Choose Suitable Paint

The quality of your lines will depend on your choice of paint. Therefore, it is important to purchase the right painting material for your line-marking project. When choosing your paint, you should think about compatibility with the equipment. Some line marking machines can be used to apply a range of paints such as solvent-based and water-based paint. However, if you would like to use speciality paint like thermoplastic coatings, you might need specialised equipment. You should also ensure that your chosen paint is durable and suitable for road-surface marking.

Incorporate Beads

You should think about incorporating beads into your line marking machine for your project where possible. Special beads can be used to improve the quality of the lines and enhance their performance. If your machine has a bead dispenser, you should take advantage of it for better quality marking. Under normal circumstances, it is advisable to incorporate reflective glass beads. These will ensure that the lines are more visible during the night. You should also consider using anti-slip beads to minimise the risk of skidding across the painted lines.

Check the Settings

When marking your surfaces with your equipment, you must remember to choose the right settings. In simple terms, line marking machines are designed to allow the creation of lines of different thicknesses. Therefore, you should choose the correct settings to match the specific commercial surface. Remember, if you change the settings after beginning, your lines will look inconsistent and messy. It is also advisable to inspect the equipment before commencing the marking process. Check for anomalies in the paint dispensers, wheels and other components. If there are problems, plan for repairs for better results.

Finally, you should keep in mind that creating perfectly straight lines can be difficult even with high-quality equipment. Therefore, use a guiding string for alignment and install windscreens to keep the painted lines consistent. Talk with a company, like A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd, that produces line marking equipment to find the right option for you.